Homemade protein shakes for athletes

The rise of concern for health and well-being in the general population and, more specifically, in athletes and runners, have led us to have more and more people interested in so-called best protein shake, either to lose weight or to improve sports performance. In this way, homemade protein shakes become the best option for many athletes. Do you want to know more about these shakes? We’ll tell you then:

What are protein shakes?

The protein is an element of the body to form muscles, bones, skin and other tissues, which is also present in certain foods that we eat. Well, protein shakes can come to include 100% protein , in liquid or powder form, with a wide variety of different flavors. However, the usual thing is that they mix carbohydrates and fats with a lower percentage of proteins.

Therefore, we can say that protein shakes are simply a protein-rich drink that cannot substitute a meal in any case, but it can help us to replace the lack of proteins in the body. A large number of athletes use them to improve their sports performance but, what are the benefits of protein shakes really?

What are its benefits?

The shakes are used after training in order to ingest some type of food after sports effort. And is that protein shakes can help our body to recover after an exercise of some intensity. How can it be? Well, thanks to the restoration of muscle glycogen, energy source that is exhausted after the practice of exercise.

In addition, the strength athlete can get a repair of the damage that occurs in the muscles after the practice of intense sports such as bodybuilding or running a marathon. Hence, protein shakes are a nutritional supplement so important for many athletes.

Myths about protein shakes

One of the most widespread myths about this type of nutritional supplement is that it is somewhat unnatural. Well, the proteins that include these shakes are simply that: proteins. It is something that our body assimilates to perfection to nourish our muscles and in no case represents a danger such as the intake of anabolic steroids.

Taking the right amount of protein should not be afraid because it is not a harmful supplement at all. Of course, an excess of proteins can make your body work more than it should be so precaution with the doses.

Another widespread myth is that protein shakes swell and retain fluids. Nothing is further from reality. If your organism works correctly neither of the two things will happen. And if I stop taking them, my muscles are deflated? No, either. Everything is part of the same wrong myth.

How to make your homemade protein shakes

Now that we know that protein shakes are not a magic potion and that they only contain proteins (and carbohydrates and fats in some cases), we are prepared to make our homemade protein shakes. Thus, we will know 100% the content of our shakes and also save a few euros. Let’s go there:

The first thing is to know what foods provide the highest protein content and be clear that the liquid base we use will be skimmed milk, whey or soy milk .

A good ingredient to add to our shakes is the egg whites but beware of adding them raw because your body will not assimilate them and you will not be ingesting proteins in any case. Better to cook them before incorporating them into the smoothie.

Other key ingredients to include in our homemade protein shake can be: banana, 0% fresh cheese, skimmed yogurt, nuts, cereals, strawberries, sugar or honey. Simply add the ingredients you want and mix them with the milk with a blender.

Recipes of homemade smoothies for athletes

If it’s your first time making homemade protein shakes, we understand you, you do not know which ingredients to choose. Therefore, we have decided to include two homemade smoothie recipes that will help you to start:

Milkshake, cheese and banana smoothie

Add 4 egg whites previously cooked, 120 g of fresh cheese, a banana, sugar to taste and skim milk based on the amount of shake you want to obtain. Mix everything already ready.

Strawberry and oatmeal smoothie

Add 4 egg whites, a strawberry skimmed yogurt, a handful of oat flakes, 4 strawberries and a touch of honey to taste. Delicious!

As you can see, making homemade protein shakes is as simple and natural as possible. Being such a recommendable way to ingest proteins and help our body to recover after an intense session of exercise, it has become the new fashion that any runner or athlete concerned about their health begins to carry out. What are you waiting for to start making your own shakes?

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