Shakeology Cleanse 3 days – a gateway to lose six pounds in three days!

When it comes to weight loss, most people are of the opinion that supplements harm your body in the long term! Shakeology is a versatile drink that comes in the form of powder. More commonly considered as a replacement meal shake, but it’s more than that! Rich in flavor, it is enriched with more than 80 nutrients that establishes that your body works optimally. Considered as a supplement nourishes your body and improve your mood! Shakeology can help you lose weight and Shakeology review cleanse results after three days you can wash six pounds!

Shakeology is healthy!

You will be surprised by the claim it makes, but it is not just a right, but that is exactly what you can see in Shakeology comments!

Precautions for cleaning Shakeology 3 days!

There are some things that must be described before cleaning. It does not feel like a zombie during this cleanup. You will feel the pangs of hunger at some level. Cheating diet and meal plan would not give you the desired effect. Shakeology is taken three times a day as a meal replacement shake. You cannot make clean with Shakeology Tropical Strawberry flavor, use chocolate or berry taste of green. It will be only with water and ice.

How to cleanse your body with Shakeology?

You have to go shopping to buy some things before you start the cleaning process. You could have these things at home, but it may be that you have to buy a couple of them. All you need is a bag of it, green tea, fruits (optional), salad, fish or chicken (optional). Request from any Beachbody site to start purchasing the remaining stuff at any super store.

Cleaning program

Start the day with a cup of green tea every day. At breakfast, take 1 tablespoon of Shakeology, ½ cup of fruit (optional), ice to taste and 10.8 ounces. Water. You will have an appetizer before each meal such as lunch and dinner. It will take 1-2 pieces of any fruit you like (apple, banana, pear and orange, etc). At lunch, you can take 1 tablespoon of it, ice to taste with 8-10 oz water. You can have a cup of green tea or a detox tea afterwards. You have the option of taking the second appetizer before or after dinner. Snack-implies two 1 tablespoon of it with ice to taste and 10.08 ounces. Water. At dinner, you can take a piece of chicken or fish on the grill. Do not fried things and get low in salt and other spices. Do not use additive pragmatic results. You have to drink 2-4 liters of water a day. If you want to make a salad dressing dinner, make the salad low in calories. It is advisable to drink even after cleaning these days, so you can stay healthy, active and strong.

What flavor should start with Shakeology 3 days of cleaning?

Free of preservatives, additives, flavor and added color, it is available in five flavors as

Shakeology of Chocolate Shakeology of Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Tropical Shakeology Greenberry Shakeology, and Vanilla Shakeology

If you like chocolate, go for chocolate, but it’s hard to start, go to Vanilla Shakeology.


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