The 13 best weight loss tips!

You decided to fight the bacon? The aim should always be to permanently change his lifestyle to a healthy diet – combined with more exercise Performix SST Reviews. But first of all, it’s important to persevere. Here are the best tips and tricks that can help.

  1. No hunger – no food

Hunger is a signal of the body, which has been suspended for many. Food is often not controlled by hunger, but by the time. Who does not know that, punctually at noon, no matter if hungry or not, it’s time to sit down and enjoy a sumptuous meal. If you want to stay slim, listen to the signals of your body and eat only when you are really hungry.

  1. Eat slowly

Once hunger has seized it, many people find it difficult to stop eating before they can measure. At breathtaking speed, an oversized portion disappears from the plate into the mouth. The consequences can – in the truest sense of the word – be weighty.

Eating over the saturation point not only leads to uncomfortable feeling of fullness, but also a display of the scale that speeds up to gigantic heights can occur. Slow meal instead of hasty slings therefore is the motto. Every bite is chewed thoroughly and small breaks during the meal can help. Even if enough food has already been given, it will take a little while until the feeling of satiation occurs.

  1. Drink, drink, drink

A growling stomach and a wide emptiness in the stomach, these are well-known situations for the diet-plagued. Satisfied is who drinks a lot. A glass of carbonated water before eating will saturate well. The carbonic acid bound in the water is released. The increase in volume causes the stomach walls to become stretched, a feeling of satiety occurs, so eating less is no longer a problem.

  1. Calorie savings for the party

In order not to be in a bad mood at the weekend and having to spend the party buffet only remotely, it makes sense to save a few extra calories during the week. The “starving” creates storage space for culinary delights that promises the invitation for the Saturday night and prevents the party from mutating into a hungry gauntlet.

  1. Exercise is the best fat burner

At a regular fitness training leads with losing weight no way around. A lot of physical activity increases the energy consumption and makes the fat disappear. Another advantage: muscle mass is formed. A firm, muscular tummy not only looks better than its wobbly counterpart.

An increase in muscle mass also means an increase in the basal metabolic rate. Consuming muscles, as opposed to fat, energy and even when not in use. So that putting on the sports clothes is also worthwhile, a sports unit should last at least 30 minutes and preferably three times a week. If you carry too many kilos around with you, choosing the right sport is crucial. Walking or water aerobics spare the spine and joints.

  1. Drink, but right

And water and no wine or juice. Certain drinks burden the energy balance. Those who like to eat should be careful to drink energy-free or low-energy drinks. A glass of juice or lemonade, as far as the calories are concerned, should not be underestimated. Anyone who drinks half a liter of juice at the usual meal will increase slightly.

Even alcoholic drinks should be enjoyed only in moderation. 1 gram of alcohol has an energy content of 7 kilocalories. In comparison: 1 gram of fat provides 9 kilocalories. However, if you do not want to give up your wine and still want to drink juice instead of Schorle, you should eat less so as not to get fatter.

  1. Not enough sleep makes you fat

Slim asleep: During sleep, it is really round in the body and a lot of energy is consumed. This requires a good night’s sleep as well as a sufficient amount of sleep.

  1. Prohibitions are there to break

Everything forbidden exerts a special charm; this is especially true for the food. Who completely strikes off chocolate and biscuits from the diet, which will develop after some time a craving, which shakes all good intentions? Once you have overpowered the craving for chocolate, there is no stopping you, with the result that you do not eat a piece of chocolate, but a whole table. To prevent this, one should rather occasionally, with pleasure, eat a bar of chocolate.

  1. Vanilla scent against hunger for sweets

The sweetish scent of vanilla helps resist the temptations in the confectionery department. Vanilla oil or a vanilla-flavored candle can increase the stamina of a reduction diet and help you resist sweet sins. A helpful spice is also cinnamon. This can lower the blood sugar and blood lipid level.

  1. Chili is hot

Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is responsible for the pungent taste. It boosts energy expenditure and can help you lose weight.

  1. Vegetables and fruits are a must on the menu

If you want to lose weight and want to keep your laboriously raised weight, you should not miss vegetables and fruits on the menu. The crunchy delicacies contain many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Most vegetables and fruits are mostly water and therefore have low energy content. With vegetables and fruits you can also eat enough while losing weight.

  1. Fiber makes you full

Dietary fiber saturates well and long-lasting. They can bind large amounts of water, swell up and therefore saturate particularly well. A tablespoon of cereal bran mixed under the yogurt helps to stay full longer. Important: If you take a lot of fiber, you have to drink plenty of fluids, otherwise digestive problems are inevitable.

  1. Just go to the supermarket full

If you go hungry shopping, you can be sure that you will find things in your shopping cart that are not actually on the menu. So only after the food shopping. With a well-filled stomach, it is easier to withstand the numerous palate friends.

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