What is a super food?

“Super foods”, also known more generally as “superfoods”, represent a category of foods with exceptional properties on health and the body.

Their growing reputation is first and foremost linked to globalization, which has made it possible to make known to the whole world foods that have been little known until now, but also to a quest for greater well-being, particularly in the West.

Super food can come from fruits, algae, seeds, roots, etc. Their common point is above all their richness in essential nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, more present than in any other Green Superfood Powder Reviews.

Why consume super foods?

Superfoods are, in addition to a varied and balanced diet, perfect allies to maintain a good state of health. While the general diet has deteriorated, it has become important to appeal to them in order to preserve their physical and psychological shape. Indeed, superfoods will have beneficial effects both on the body but also on the mind and cognitive functions (brain).

What are the main super foods?


Spirulina is the “super food” par excellence. Rich in phyto nutrients, vitamin B12, magnesium, calcium and amino acids, this seaweed is now recognized and used throughout the world and consumed in flakes, tablets or mixed with other ingredients in recipes.

The noni

Mostly consumed in juice, noni is a fruit grown in French Polynesia that prevents tumors, inflammation and cancer and is extremely rich in antioxidants. Be careful though, this one is not recommended for pregnant women.


The properties and benefits of turmeric are many: This spice from India is used to treat and prevent inflammatory diseases, protect the liver, stomach and kidneys. Curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric, would help prevent many cancers. Turmeric is also a powerful antioxidant and helps protect many organs.

Royal jelly

Made by bees and intended exclusively for the queen, royal jelly is a superfood with exceptional properties. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements, it improves longevity, resistance to stress and preserves the general health of the body. A true panacea, royal jelly helps preserve the beauty of the skin by fighting free radicals and helps fight against many diseases.

 Maca root

The maca more commonly known as maca from Peru grows on the Andean Cordillera between Peru and Bolivia. This plant is also part of the family of adaptogens. An adaptogen is a plant that helps the body adapt and resist stress and its harmful effects. Maca is a plant close to ginseng from a point of view of its properties. Maca also serves to increase libido and sexual energy, fight against menopause, strengthen the body, give more strength and vigor to the body. Maca is also used as ginseng among athletes wishing to improve their physical performance.

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