Feng shui clutter in any area of your home especially in your bedroom represent stuck, stagnant ‘chi’ or energy.The more clutter you have or accumulated over the years, the more sluggish the flow of energy becomes.

What is feng shui clutter?

Basically, feng shui clutter is anything that you are not using at that very moment and it is lying around a place where it does not belong to.

These are often possessions that you believe are useful, defective items that you hope to repair, spares that you accumulate for a potential breakdown and unwanted gifts.

For example, a hammer left lying around in your bedroom is a clutter however when it is stored in a toolbox it is not.

Why feng shui clutter needs to be cleared?

Feng shui clutter aggravate chi disturbance to your home and health. The reason is because your feng shui clutter has ‘chi’ of its own and when these items are not used daily, their accumulated chi energy can clog and interfere with the flow of energy in your home and life.

Do you know that feng shui clutter in your bedroom has the strongest impact on your love life regardless of whether you are single or married. From a feng shui lillian too wofs, your bedroom is strongly affiliated with your marriage or romance.

If you are married, you and your partner sleep are affected and this in turn make both of you lethargic and irritable most of the time. This will constantly impede your relationship from having quality attention it needs and deserves.

If you are single, a cluttered bedroom will make it more difficult for you to start a new relationship as the inactive chi hinder you from meeting someone new.

Therefore the act of clearing your feng shui clutter is a critical task and a potentially life changing process you cannot ignore.

Which place in your bedroom to avoid feng shui clutter?

Corners in your bedroom tend to attract and accumulate negative chi. If you found the feng shui sector in your bedroom that has piles of old magazines, old newspaper or dusty mail, clear them away immediately.

Avoid placing dirty laundry or junk under, over or beside your bed. Keep your bedroom windows clear of clutter.

How to clear feng shui clutter?

First you must understand why you keep holding on to feng shui clutter. The two main reasons are; feng shui clutter may hold memories of past events or the hope that someday you might use it in the future.

People keep holding on to things that gives them a sense of hope in the future or to reminisce about the past. This reflect their insecurities about life and prevent them from living in the present.

You have to learn to let go of your emotional baggage by weighing the advantages of feeling recharged and invigorated or succumbing to emotional strain everyday.

Have you ever feel tired and overwhelmed when you are trying to dispose your feng shui clutter?