Do you barely get followers with your regular Facebook posts? This is what happens to most, because Facebook wants you to invest your advertising budget in ads. However, although investing in Facebook advertising can be very profitable, there is always some option to increase organic reach and, thereby, reach your own followers black profile.

According to information from AdAge, Facebook plans to reduce organic reach. The words of a Facebook spokesperson seem to go along those lines: The best option for publications to be seen is to pay for it.

However, there are a couple of tricks to increase reach and ensure that, despite everything, a large portion of your Facebook followers can see your posts.

Here are 7 tips to increase organic reach on Facebook:

Tip 1: Quality instead of quantity
Facebook wants to show its users interesting content that increases the time spent on Facebook.

It could be a funny post, an emotional story, or a clever proverb. The longer users stay on Facebook, the more ads they can be shown and the more money Facebook makes.

It is for this reason that publications that do just that are encouraged. It is no coincidence that we see so often on our page especially wedding or newborn photographs. Users react to them.

Therefore, before posting something on Facebook you have to think if it is interesting enough to make the user stop scrolling down.

Those who do not have a social media team know well how much time a Facebook post can take. Therefore, instead of compulsively releasing five product photos, it is better to think about how you can offer your followers added value.

Once this is done, publish one of those quality contributions a day, instead of 5 boring ones.

This added value does not imply a positive and long-term influence on the user’s life, but a small smile, a reaction or a “It happens to me too” is enough.

With these posts you are sending a positive signal to Facebook: when you post something, your followers interact with your message and do not ignore it.

In return, Facebook will reward you with greater reach. Those who regularly post spam messages may be satisfied if they receive even one like.

Make sure the content you share with your followers is entertaining and triggers a reaction.

You should also strive to post images, videos, and text that are unique, since, like Google, Facebook rewards original content.

Tip 2: Videos are the future
Videos are the future of the internet. That’s at least the feeling.

Everyone on Facebook has noticed the rapid increase in video posts. As everything indicates that Facebook wants to take over YouTube, the videos are shown with preference in the news.

You have to take advantage of this trend. To do this you can:

Show product photos as a presentation
Animate blog posts and make short videos
Present the products of the week as a mini show
Answer customer questions in a video

Furthermore, at this time the “live” format is highly appreciated, both by users and by the Facebook algorithm. Live videos are shown at the top of the news.

Do you have a great new product that you can present live? Had it occurred to you before to use a telesales format on Facebook? How about a video with exclusive information? And a live Q&A session?

The possibilities are endless. Test what works best for your clients and followers.

Tip 3: The 80/20 rule
This is perhaps the most important point to keep in mind to entertain your followers with Facebook posts and also increase sales volume.

The rule is simple: 80% of your contributions should not serve to sell anything, but simply to entertain your followers and create a link with your brand/online store.

If 80% of your posts reach your followers well and the Facebook algorithm detects it (tip 1), you will be forgiven for those posts that aim to mobilize the purchase or other action of potential customers.

In any case, it is advisable to keep the number of publications that sell something to a minimum. That is, about 20% or less.

Think that nobody goes to Facebook to buy. The social platform is used to kill time or to distract oneself.

That is why even the publications with which you intend to sell must be entertaining and interesting.

Let yourself be guided by those publications that have had good results and try to unite the concept of entertainment with that of sales.

If you shoot a fun and entertaining advertising video, you even have the potential to go viral.

Tip 4: Avoid adding links to your posts
We have already mentioned it before: Facebook wants users to be on its page for as long as possible.

What is the fastest way to move from your news to another website? Click a link.

Try to post content that doesn’t include links, play by Facebook’s rules, and make sure users stay on the page.

If it happens that the publication cannot do without the link, you can write it and pin it as the first comment. It’s true that this can be a hindrance to interested users, but on the other hand, you ensure that more people will see your post.

Tip 5: Take advantage of fashions or current events
The G20 summit was held in Hamburg 3 months ago. There was a company that managed to distinguish itself in Germany among all the media noise.

It was the local Edeka supermarket. With a very pertinent and funny publication in which they reminded neighbors of the home delivery service to avoid crowds, the company achieved viral success.

If you manage to catch the pulse of the moment and react to it, you connect with your followers by appealing to something they have in mind.

However, it does not always have to be a G20 summit. There are many occasions that you can take advantage of for your online store and your publications: beginning of vacations, holidays, new babies in zoos, star scandals, and even montages.

Tip 6: Collaborations to gain reach and arouse sympathy
Do you have enough budget to collaborate with “influencers” in your sector? If so, you have to think about the possibility of investing it in it.

Collaborating with an influencer means that you will not only reach your followers, but also theirs.

This can transform into new followers of your Facebook page or, in the best case, new customers who did not know about your store before.

Another possibility for “collaboration”: use photos that clients have taken. They can be about products or situations that fit your store.

Using the content of satisfied customers for your Facebook marketing (of course, only with their permission) makes your online store more friendly and human in the eyes of customers.

You can also achieve this by occasionally posting photos of your team, presenting them, or showing trends. This makes your customers give your online store a face, which can clearly increase customer loyalty.

Tip 7: Advertise successful posts
From time to time it happens that a published entry does particularly well.

Instead of just rejoicing at the success, you can take advantage of it to draw attention to your online store to even more people.

At any time you can advertise posts you’ve already published so that even more Facebook users can see them. This is the way for a good post to go viral, and all with a minimal advertising budget.

With publications like this, it is not uncommon to get new followers, a higher volume of sales and new clients.

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