How do you know that you are spending too much money in a game? Only a long term player in the field can only understand the amount of money you should spend on sports betting. Yes it will really depend on you financial stability and the amount of money you have kept aside for sports betting. The recent studies show that 99% of people are betting too much. There are people spending more than 20% of their bankroll on a single game.

A person having knowledge of sports betting will never risk such an amount. Think that you are offered 10% advantage on a bet of 500 bets. Normally all people will take that bet. There can be 55% winners in the game over a longer period. So when you are spending $100 per bet will end up with $5000 at the end of the game and you earn some easy money in six months. If you are subjected to follow a constraint that limits you to play no more than $500 and suddenly you ran out of money.

You are actually being forced to play above your bankroll. You are virtually sure to go bankrupt in such a situation. You may be able to reach the 55% threshold in the long term but you cannot do anything in a short term basis. You may have to go through 5 to 10 bets without getting any returns. This will be increased to 2 to 18 during the 500 bet sessions.

The limit of 20% from your bankroll will certainly put you in danger and a sensible person will never commit to such constraints. But it is commonly seen that most of the betters are taking this constraint. They play by betting too much of their bankroll. It is seen that that the house wins quite often. From years of experience in sports betting one can easily understand the house wins often because you are investing too much in a game.


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