Trying to keep track of all the different unique passwords we need in today’s world is next to impossible. It seems like every single day, there is another reason to conjugate some new collection of symbols, letters, and numbers for everything from ordering a lunch to logging into your retirement account.

That is why it is no surprise when many users lock themselves out of their Windows account. Trying to manage all those passwords leads to blowing right past the maximum security settings on an account that ends with them being blocked when they need to get work done.

Active@ Password Changer works by resetting your Administrator and User accounts attached to your copy of Windows. This includes Win11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000. You can also recover and unlock Windows Server Platforms 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, and 2000.

This easy-to-use software clearly detects and displays all accounts, Microsoft Security Databases (SAM), and information details for those accounts. You can run Active@ Password Changer from a bootable version of Windows or through MS-DOS support OS instances, all with a straightforward Wizard-style user interface that cuts way down on the difficulty. This way, everyone from the advanced IT manager to the individual trying to access their term paper can change, recover, or flag their Windows user accounts.

There is a live demo you can use to ensure the ins and outs of Active@ Password Changer as well as three-tiered premium levels, including Personal, Corporate, and Unlimited. You are essentially purchasing a license for using the software depending on the number of accounts you are trying to change or unlock. For example, the Unlimited level would be suitable for a company or school hosting a lot of computers with Windows profiles, whereas the Personal license would be perfect for your home PC.

Active@ Password Changer allows you to target specific SAM files and locations in case you are working with an older hard drive with a separate Windows account. You can also target a folder to access particular registry files when necessary.

This is an excellent addition to any IT support team or a white hat network specialist who needs a simple and reliable method for helping people who have accidentally locked themselves out of their Windows accounts.

To download a live demo of Active@ Password Changer, visit You’ll be able to view the password information of any account but to reset or change those passwords, you’ll need to purchase a license. Not a bad investment considering it helps you to regain access to all your necessary and personal fields.


Jeremy Gibson is a data recovery and digital forensics expert who regularly uses specialized software to help clients recovery lost accounts and data.


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