Listed below are a few tips that could be of help to any punter.


The first step in successfully forecasting a game is to understand the league both teams are playing in. Identifying the patterns that occur greatly simplifies the prediction process. For example, certain leagues are known to play Over 2.5 goals – This means that each game they play has a high probability of producing 3 Goals or more. Some others are known to be defensive and as such match games won’t produce many goals. This type of leagues can pass for Under 2.5 Goals or Under 1.5 first half.

In some other cases, you would observe that the Home team hardly loses when playing in their turf. What you should be looking at is a Home Win or Home Win/ Draw.


This is quite similar to the previous point. After studying the leagues and observing the general outcome the league produces, you would observe that certain teams produce the same outcomes consistently. For Example, in the last 2016/2017 football league season, Pisa a team in Italy played Under 2.5 Goals more than 80% of the times they had a match. The wisest thing to do is to always look forward to when this kind of teams are playing and select them for the most consistent results they produce. It doesn’t have to only be on goals though. Some teams would never lose when playing at home, some teams would always concede a red card, some would always have a high number of corner kicks. The most important thing is to identify the trends and make the most out of it.


This may not always be the perfect way to predict a football match but it sure helps you understand how the two teams play when they meet. If the two teams have always scored each other when they have an encounter, it points towards a BTTS outcome. If the away team has always lost to the other party, there’s a high possibility they would lose again. Try as much as possible to see what can be observed from the last encounters of both teams.


This is a subtle factor and not one that we emphasize so much on. At times, a team may need a match to escape from the relegation zone and would want to do everything within their power to ensure that they win a match. In this case, after considering the trends and the strength of the two teams playing, you can now factor in the motivation factor. This does not overrule other concrete factors to consider and should be used as a last resort.

This are a few vital factors we consider when predicting football matches correctly on our website


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