The adoption of dogs is one of the most responsible and sustainable practices to promote animal rights since it allows the dignity of an abandoned animal and stops participating in the animal buying and selling market. In the same way best family pets, at ExpertoAnimal we reject the breeding of dogs in private homes and we offer support to all those volunteers who dedicate time and effort to ensuring that the quality of life of these dogs is the best possible.

Adoption in itself is a beautiful act for those of us who love animals, but we have to leave a specific profile, older or adult dogs also need love and a home, and they also offer a multitude of attributes that many people unknown, keep reading to find out how to adopt an adult dog following advice and recommendations from AnimalWised.

Adoption as a first option
Despite the multiple identification and sterilization campaigns currently being carried out, there are still many dogs that have been abandoned or have had a stray status since the beginning of their lives. This unpleasant fact is intensifying in some geographical areas.

Currently, an average of 5 dogs and 3 cats arrive per day at each shelter or animal center. Creepy figures that make us consider adopting an adult dog more than ever.

If we keep this panorama in mind, we must understand that purchasing an animal should be the last option, since it does not contribute to eradicating the abandonment of stray dogs and encourages breeding in homes, a totally inadvisable practice.

Finally, add that if there is a group of animals that especially needs responsible adoption, it is the case of elderly dogs. At first, the idea may be prejudged, but it truly has many advantages.

Advantages of adopting an adult dog
It is considered an adult dog when it is more than a year and a half old. Adult dogs are abandoned all over the world and many, due to inexperienced owners or people who do not know what it means to have a dog, end up lost to their fate.

It is true that many people go to adoption centers hoping to find an adorable puppy to teach everything they need to know, but at their side, there are many more 3, 5 and 7 year old dogs waiting for the same opportunity.

Why should we adopt an adult dog? What advantages does it have?

  • Adult dogs know how to interact with other pets.
  • They have a defined personality, you can assess if it is the one that suits you.
  • You can do exercise and activities with them.
  • You can take them out on the street without waiting for their vaccination.
  • They know how to relieve themselves in the street.
  • He will not bite household objects and furniture as a learning practice.
  • He is familiar with basic commands and behavior.
  • He will love you and follow you, because you will become his savior.

In addition to all these advantages, adopting an adult dog is a salvation for them since many will end up euthanized or waiting their entire lives to be adopted. There are cases of dogs that have been in the same cage for more than 7 years, in the same shelter. Do you want to be the one who gives him a better future?

If you are interested in adopting an elderly dog…

  • He accumulates a lifetime of experience in treating other animals.
  • He is also an expert in treating humans.
  • He is a calm and calm dog.
  • Understands basic orders.
  • He relieves himself in the street, as appropriate.
  • You need less physical activity, which is ideal for people with little time or advanced age.
  • Will not bite objects or furniture.
  • He’s already trained!
  • You can offer him a worthy ending.
  • You will feel a better person and fulfilled.

These are some of the infinite advantages that an elderly dog ​​offers. A dog with which you can also do all kinds of activities . It should be noted that an elderly dog ​​has a stressful life in a shelter, adopting him is an act of immense generosity.

Finally, comment on the option of the foster home , a little-known form offered by animal shelters such as the CAACB in Barcelona, ​​where you can stay with the dog temporarily while it is still waiting for someone to adopt it, the benefits of being a foster home are immense because in addition to offering a different life to the animal, the center offers you all the veterinary assistance you require and need.

Tips for adopting a shelter dog
If we are not volunteers at the shelter where we intend to adopt the dog, it will be difficult to detail its particular character , but we can make an attempt to discover who is behind the fence waiting for its new home:

  • We must ask volunteers and those in charge of the center about the behavior we want to find in our future companion: active, calm, happy, reserved…

To find the perfect dog for us, we must make a short list of the options recommended to us by people who spend time with dogs. Once prepared, we will follow the following advice :

  • Walking with a dog and a volunteer is the best way to discover their character, behavior and way of walking.
  • Offering your dog treats (specifically for dogs) is a wonderful option to capture his attention and establish a friendship.

Attention, remember this:

  • Locked dogs suffer a lot of stress, which is why they bark, it is their way of communicating and expressing their desire to get out of there.
  • Other dogs remain calm and calm, don’t be fooled, apathy is another form of dog expression when faced with a serious and disconcerting situation.
  • Don’t be afraid of dogs, most shelter dogs have never bitten anyone. Stress can cause stereotypies (repetitive movements) and excessive activity, but that does not mean that they are dogs with mental problems.
  • Potentially dangerous dogs are not really dangerous, they are labeled this way because their teeth are stronger than those of other dogs. In general, dogs considered PPP take much longer to be adopted, consider taking in one of them.
  • If you decide to go with your children to adopt a dog, what better example than to teach them that you should help the weakest: people always adopt puppies, for this reason a good option is to adopt an adult dog, a sick dog or a dog. with problems. You can also adopt two dogs: one old and one young.


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