Keys and tips for buying gold

Safe, durable and traditional container of value. Those are the three characteristics and strengths that gold has and that make it an essential investment asset. And it is also one of the most widespread in the world: whether you are a famous broker or a simple ordinary citizen, we have all bought something of the golden metal at some time in our life, be it a bullion, currency, in exchange traded funds or some kind of jewelry. In China and India, 7 out of 10 people have relied on this at some point to revalue their savings, a not inconsiderable figure gold ira companies reviews.

Buy coins and bullion

Of all these options, the first two are the most recommended as they are also the safest. Direct exposure through exchange traded funds or shares in mining companies carry a higher percentage of risk and are not tangible.

But what are the feelings that gold awakens? According to a study by the World Gold Council , an average of 60% of investors from China, India, Germany and the United States trust gold more than the legal circulation coins on the market, something that is commonly believed that only the Older people but actually kept young from the ages of 18-24 and 35-44.

And in fact, this is demonstrated by the high interest in buying precious metals for the youth in general: 34% have invested in the last year and 46% say they will do so in the future. Surprisingly, youth tend to choose less risky assets and adopt short-term strategies, despite the fact that gold is usually an investment with at least 10 years duration.

In addition, jewelry stores do not convince them either and they are the ones who buy the least: only 18% do. What is the alternative to jewelry? The coins, with different designs, origin and value, can form a great choice, and there’s sites with a wide range!

Gold liquidity

Among many other certainties about precious metals, those that consider it as a safeguard against inflation, which will never lose its long-term value and which makes its holders feel more financially secure, stand out. And these statements do not come from nowhere, but rather from the fact that gold is present in different sectors (jewelry, investment and technology), so its supply, demand and stability are guaranteed. Its liquidity also makes it a highly adaptable asset for all audiences, since it can also be bought and sold anywhere and at any time. 

The three most common factors that arouse public interest are: risk, either to dilute it or simply to change strategy from higher risk to lower risk; the recommendation of an acquaintance or professional; the current price of precious metals.

Very reliable asset

One of the main characteristics of lovers of precious metals is their loyalty: it is the asset that reflects the greatest loyalty among its buyers. 64% of people who have bought at some point would do so again in the near future, data much higher than others such as investment funds (40%), cryptocurrencies (40%) or stock (39%).

The statistic of people who have bought gold and intend to repeat it has been mentioned, but… and those who have never done it? 38% of those surveyed would be open to doing it in the future, compared to 17% who would never do it, a figure that drops to 4% in countries such as China or India.

Information about gold

But, what prevents those almost 4 out of 10 citizens from acquiring precious metals? 28% do not do so because they are worried about buying fake gold, 21% for fear of not buying pure gold and 14% because they do not see business in the sale. A more worrying fact is that 66% of potential buyers consider they do not have enough knowledge about gold or do not know how to buy it. This is easily solvable with us, since one of the objectives of Silver & Gold Patrimony is not only that clients benefit from precious metals, but also that they know what movements they make, what is the best strategy based on their needs and preferences and know how the market works.

Bearing in mind that inflation will become more apparent next year and economic growth will slow even further, the percentage of people with the intention of buying precious metals will grow, as is usual at the beginning of periods of economic contraction.

These are the highlights of a precious metal that could save you from the next economic crisis, prepare for it and fight it! We have extensive experience in the sector and our consultants will know how to recommend the best strategy based on your preferences.

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