Every year, it’s the same: just before Christmas or before birthdays, you break your head to find a suitable gift idea for family and friends. Here are 20 Paris gift ideas to make your France fans happy www.pupnpaws.com.

  1. Paris bookmark

Recently, you can buy a fine, high-quality Eiffel Tower bookmark through the Paris boutique. The stainless steel bookmark is delivered in a chic retro paper envelope with additional information about the Eiffel Tower. The bookmark is also ideal if you are giving away a Paris trip and want to have a small, symbolic something in your hand.

  1. Paris Travel Guide

Why not give away a Paris travel guide? A classic and practical gift idea that you can never be wrong with. But which Paris travel guide to choose? On my page Paris Guide in the test , I have examined some of these books and selected the best three.

  1. Give away hotel nights

A good friend is going to Paris soon? Your parents are already looking forward to their weekend trip on Valentine’s Day, but have not yet booked their accommodation? If you want to make them a little friend, you can reserve a hotel room for them. Tip: Gather some money with friends or relatives and spend a night with your friend. So it is cheaper and not everyone has to find their own gift idea!

  1. French Cookbook / Macarons Cookbook

Paris is known for its haute cuisine and its fine restaurants. For example, anyone who enjoys mouth-watering memories of the Cordon Bleu in Montmartre and who wants to share this culinary delight with family, friends or acquaintances can give away a French cookbook, for example. Also very interesting are cookbooks for baking the delicious French crepes and the Parisian specialty macarons. Even better: a cooking class in Paris!

  1. Paris specialties: mustard sauces, red wine, macarons etc.

If you do not want to give away a French cookbook, you can also give away a finished meal or a Parisian specialty directly. However, it is important to choose a product that is durable and non-perishable. Some ideas: Macarons ,  mustard from Dijon , Herbes de Provence , lavender , red wine , biscuits  etc.