Indianapolis seo

If you have reached a point (and sooner or later we all do), when SEO does not bring the results you want (or at the speed you want), maybe it’s time to move on to pay SEM. Yes, you can do it on your own, but taking into account the amount of work involved, techniques, strategies and “tricks”, it is very possible that although you have the desire, you do not have the time to learn and execute the SEM campaigns on your own.

In that case, it is best to hire a SEM company. While the process is not very different from the process of hiring an SEO company, there are some details that you should take into account. Here are some tips to help you choose a SEM company Indianapolis seo.


  1. Request results from previous campaigns

The results of previous campaigns say a lot about the skills of the company you want to choose. Ask what past campaigns they had, the return on investment they got, how these campaigns were executed (that is, where AdWords PPC ads, FB Ads, Red Display, AdMob, or smaller networks are published). It is true that you cannot access the full data of the campaigns for privacy reasons, so some of the questions should be reserved, but if a company SEM cannot show results, this is one reason to move to the next in the list.


  1. Background

The above results may look beautiful, but this alone is not enough. It is very possible that the campaigns you show are not representative of your work, so it can be quite deceptive. Therefore, more evidence is needed about his abilities.

You can ask for references, search Google and the forums what your customers say. While this is not a 100 percent test, if there are a lot of negative comments about an SEM company , this almost always means that they are not good. Of course, it is possible that this negative feedback is not authentic – that is, your competitors may be talking bad about them – but if you find true negative / positive comments, you can take them seriously.


  1. Check what services are offered

One point to keep in mind is the variety of services they offer. Do you have all the services you need? If they do not, take into account that you will have to look elsewhere for services that they do not offer.


  1. Ask how the results are reported

With SEM, it is more than vital to have the data on results as soon as possible. Reports in real time is the best option because it allows you to adjust your budget based on the results, however this can sometimes consume a lot of time (and money). Once a day is more or less acceptable, although you could still go your total budget in a single day without getting any results.

Because of this, it really matters a lot how you monitor your campaign (that is, in a report, spreadsheet, or otherwise) and how often these results are reported. There are companies that do not report anything until the end of the campaign and if this is the case, leave this company SEM – you can lose a lot.


  1. Check what is the ranking or positioning of the company

As in the process of choosing an SEO company, you want to see how the SEM Company you are about to choose from is running the campaign for your own site. Of course, the number of backlinks and their quality is more important for an SEO company than for an SEM, so if your organic classification is not excellent, this does not necessarily mean that they are bad in SEM. However, in any case, if your site is not well ranked, this is not a good sign.