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You are here because you – whether man or woman – want to increase your own libido or because you want to boost the desire in your partner? Then you are exactly right. Man or woman, I’ll show you how to increase your libido in a natural way – so that you have more fun in sex and in general in your life Vigrx plus.

So how do we proceed? Now, first of all, it is important to clarify what exactly is meant by libido. After all, you have to understand the problem first, in order to then be able to get it out of the world. Once this has been clarified, we come back to the man-or-woman, because there are very crucial differences.

First of all, I want to reassure you: a low libido is something you do not have to put up with, and that’s why it’s good that you’ve made it this far. But even if you – or your partner – actually feel a very healthy desire, you can naturally drive this a bit more. In any case, you can increase your libido.

What exactly is libido?

A good question, because libido, especially in men, all too often equated with the level of testosterone or erectile ability or sheared over a comb. But boosting libido is by no means synonymous with increasing testosterone or training for a better erection quality – it’s more than that.

Your libido is your sexual energy, your drive. Without libido humanity would probably have long been extinct, because no one would have had the desire for sex. The offspring would have stayed away and much more serious: We all would have missed a lot of fun.

A life without sex – you cannot imagine that? Okay, then your libido is not as bad as you might think.

The sexual energy that rises in you when you see a beautiful woman or rise in a woman, when a man excites her, craves that that is able to rob you of your mind and forget everything around you everything is libido.

But even in everyday life, completely detached from sexual fantasies, the libido – especially in the man – provides for drive, for bite, for motivation. That’s why men with disturbed libido often have the problem that they lack exactly that animal drive. Women, on the other hand, are prone to bad mood, fatigue and depression in the absence of libido.

As I said, it would be wrong to equate libido with testosterone. A man is not forced by a low libido to “sissy” – this danger is more associated with lack of testosterone. But something is missing. A very important and fundamental part of your character is then broke.

However, it is often the case that a low sex hormone level is the cause of a lack of libido. However, this is not always the case – more on that later.

Libido is desire. Libido is pleasure. The desire for the other (or the same) sex. The desire for sex.

It’s not always easy to narrow down the term libido, but I think you know what I mean. You have already felt it and maybe you want to feel it more again or to wake up with your partner. You want to increase your libido and are on a good way to do it.

Libido-differences between man and woman

The differences are actually explained quickly or you will notice that you are well aware of the different phenomena.

In a man’s libido is almost omnipresent – what does that mean?

Now, as a rule, men often think about sex. It is enough to see a beautiful woman on the street and already turns the hormone machinery in the body of a man through.

Man (s) becomes a gorilla and would like to start the woman directly. This is of course an instinct from the prehistoric times, which today (usually) will be able to control quite well.

This desire accumulates in us men and only gets a damper when we ejaculate. The dampers are then noticeable in everyday life due to reduced drive – not without reason trainers recommend their professional athletes from time immemorial to renounce sexual acts before a competition.

In women, this usually looks different: a lot of them have to happen, so that their thoughts even swing in the sexual direction – but if this step is done first, the instinct of the woman is almost unstoppable and in contrast to the man, frequent orgasms in women Promoting libido. This phenomenon is certainly familiar to most male readers.

Above all, this has social reasons. For a woman it does not have to have such thoughts – so the general opinion – and therefore she does not have them. This is more difficult than you might think.

But even nature seems to want it that way: When kissing, the man transmits sex hormones on the saliva, which leads to an acute libido increase in the woman – so always nice to smooch diligently.

However, it is a fact that women suffer more often from “sexual aversion”, that is, from a weak libido – whereby “suffering” is a relative term here, because women in this situation are simply no longer interested in sex and often even quite agree with it, Here is a lot needed to rekindle the fire. The psychological component is often crucial in increasing libido – more on that later.

In general, most men are more likely to feel impulsive and their libido to be perfectly alright, but they simply cannot. You lack erectile function or quality – at this point I suggest you take a look under the heading increase testosterone to throw and you follow the Phallosan and Bathmate test to look at times closer, it is worth.