If you have a golfer in a family circle or friends, you’re in luck, because this Christmas, if you do not want to, you will not have to break your head a lot, since golfers are from that group of people that you can always give us. Give away certain things that will be very grateful best golf gifts.

Among the wild cards that you can give to a golfer are the golf balls, although you will need to know what kind of model he likes to play, since between one and the other, there are important differences in performance and price. But with a dozen balls that you normally play, there is no golfer left unhappy.

Other wild cards for golfers can be the golf poles, some technical clothes for the winter if they are not lucky enough to live in Canaria, such as thermal shirts, windbreaks or water suits, although for the latter the recipient the gift had to be really good…

However, if you really want to make a different gift to that golfer of your environment, I will give you a couple of options with which not only the golfer will be satisfied, but you will be like a real worker at the time of looking for a gift original for that person …

Taylor Made Performance Lab:

it does not matter what level of golf the person who is going to receive the gift presents, because it will be an experience that will hardly be forgotten, since it will be treated like any other player on the circuit, with the aim of finding the clubs that best suit their needs. Swing, there are two possibilities:

Matt Fitting: it is the complete experience, analysis of the swing in 3D to know how the player moves, which will be important for the second part, which includes finding the material with which the player can get more performance to their golf skills, analyzing from the driver to the putter with the help of the flightscope, including wood, irons and hybrids. In addition, the player will take exclusive Polo from the TaylorMade Performance Lab and a CD in which will be engraved with the characteristics of the material that best suits his swing. The price of this complete experience is 190 Euros and the duration ranges between 2 and a half hours and three hours.

Fitting Jr:  this option only includes the analysis and advice of a part of our game, such as the driver, the woods or the irons, always with the help of the flightscope. The duration is one hour and a quarter and the price of 90 Euros

The TaylorMade Performance Lab is located in the Finanacial City of Banco Santander, ( here indications and contact information ) where José Enriquez Ruíz-Giménez,  TaylorMade Performance Lab Manager, will be pleased to welcome the guests with a level of attention and professionalism, for what I have heard from people who have tried it, that will not leave anyone dissatisfied.

Aimpoint course: 

Whether you’re a golfer or not, surely that person who wants to give him something this Christmas will have heard that last weekend has been fatal or that he has not holed a ball. Well, beyond the technical failures or lack of pace that players can have, a few times during the round, we simply fail because we do not know the right place to where to aim, and the Aimpoint system   will teach us to predict exactly the fall of any putt and on any green.

If one does not want to or cannot get close to Foressos Golf, this gift has the complication that it is necessary to get a minimum group of 12 people to complete the Aimpoint course, which will last for three hours, in which will teach you to identify the slope accurately, the direction of the slope and how the slope affects the fall of a putt, how your position on the slope affects the fall as well as identify your position on the slope and determine the precise amount of fall with respect to your position on the slope.

It is likely that the person receiving this gift does not know the system, but surely that person does recognize the lines of colors that appear in some retransmissions on where a player has to throw a putt in order to put that putt. These lines are based on the Aimpoint System. One of the best LPGA players like Stacy Lewis uses this system to read the greens.

In addition, one of the few certified instructors in Spain, Jose Vicente Pérez, has just been proclaimed Spain’s PGA champion, which is further proof of the reliability of the system. To contact him, it can be on twitter or at the academy of Foressos Golf. The price of the course is 200 euros.

As a final note, as we talk about Foressos Golf, it should be noted that in their staff, they have 2 of the 3 certified teachers of Stack and Tilt , so if one comes up there and wants to take advantage of the trip, my recommendation is to try also this system, with which I, personally, am delighted.

Seemore FGP Putter:

this week we had the opportunity to see how Zach Johnson was able to wrest Tiger Woods from a tournament that he practically won, based on a great game of wedges and a better putt. And if we talk about this last part, it is impossible not to do it of the Seemore FGP Putter , a putt that at the time already gave the victory Paene Stewart against Phil Mickelson, with one of the best putt recitals in the history of the US Open in a Pinehusrt # 2 course that will curiously host the US Open in 2014.

That same putter the Seemore FGP would be the one that years later would give the victory to Zach Johnson in the Masters of 2007, the same putter that has accompanied him until the victory last Sunday. Why this putter? For the RST technology (Riflescope Technology) or the red dot that you cannot see if you are well placed when you get on the ball. To get it in Spain, I recommend Seemore’s own website in Spain, in which, the FGP has a price of 155 Euros, VAT included.

Finally, a very peculiar gift, since it is a PDF book in English, complicated to look good due to the appearance and form of delivery, but surely it is the reading of which I have learned the most in recent years, with which you will learn the reality of golf statistics, where and how we lose strokes or what strategies to follow from the tee or shots to the green, based on statistical data. The book is called Pro Golf Synopsis 2013 by Richie Hunt and you can buy it here

Another interesting book about golf statistics and that will give a lot to talk about in 2014, is already doing it without being commercialized yet, it’s called Every Shot Counts,  by Mark Broadie, the father of Strokes statistics Gained Putting who uses the PGA Tour . The two bucks that have this gift, is that they are in English and that they will not start shipping until March 6, 2014. The price on Amazon is $ 24.80, although the Amazon policy guarantees that if the price goes down until the moment of the launch, said price will be applied.

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