The real estate market gives definitive signs of recovery for this year. BBVA Research estimates that investment in construction will increase in Spain by 3.8% in 2016 and 5.9% by 2017, good forecasts that join the return of small and medium-sized national investors who are beginning to increase their role regarding the foreign capital house buyers houston.

For this reason, the General Council of Colleges of Real Estate Agents has published several recommendations to take into account when acquiring a property. Choose a good area, study if the property will be for rent or sale or consider in the investment the final cost of the reform are some of the tips.

Next we will review carefully the main factors that we must consider when making a real estate investment:

  • If you are looking for profitability, you must take into account the supply and demand of your city. According to Real Estate Agents, investing in residential housing is usually more profitable in smaller cities. On the contrary, investment in commercial premises or offices is a more attractive option in large cities.
  • Take into account market trends when choosing a property. For example, according to the index of IESE-Fotocasa Toledo, Ciudad Real and Lleida are the provincial capitals where there is more downward trend square meter in December 2015.
  • The location of the property is key when investing successfully. Factors such as public transport connections, green areas, proximity to shops or educational centers will make it easier to rent or later sell that home.
  • We must study the demand for rent or purchase that exists in the area . We must also assess whether we want to make an investment in the short or long term. In addition, in the case of buying a second-hand home, you must assess the cost of the reform.
  • A house in good condition, equipped and with a good orientation has many more possibilities to be rented or sold. In addition, the neighborhood also influences the number of bedrooms, the age of the property or the availability of an elevator and / or garage.

Buying a property today to put it later for rent is a very attractive option for small and medium buyers . It is necessary to note that, although the real estate market is in a situation of high profitability, low risk and mortgage loans at advantageous conditions due to low interest rates, it is important to value the investment well and consult the experts of the sector to avoid risks unnecessary.