personalized t shirts for kids

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is the budget we have available and what our shirts will be used for. Once this is defined, we already have a large part of the project prepared and we can focus on choosing the best option personalized t shirts for kids.

Which of the following is your case? We offer you the answer you were looking for to customize shirts in the most economical way.

  1. Do you need a lot of cheap personalized t-shirts?

Your trick will be to make the screen printing , and synthesize your design to the least possible number of colors, and if you still want to save a little more, your shirts should be white. White t-shirts are slightly cheaper than color t-shirts and printing to one color will make you get the best price guaranteed!

If you want to know more, we recommend that you take a look at our article on cheap screenprinted t-shirts , where you will discover the keys to make your silkscreen prints even more economical.

  1. Few t-shirts and your design / image has many colors?

Do not be alarmed! If your case is this, your way of saving will be to choose digital printing (DTG) , which reproduces the images in full color photographic quality so that you do not miss any detail, both in white t-shirt, as well as in color.

In addition, you can place orders from 1 unit, since for this print you do not need screens, photos or anything other than your image and tell us which shirt you like the most. Ready! . That is, keep in mind that the more shirts you make, the lower the price per shirt.

Your personalized shirt would be ready and we will only ask you for the file in jpg or png if you have transparencies … Easier impossible! You will have in your hands a high quality product at an unbeatable price.

  1. If you have an event, you need promotional t-shirts …

… and you do not want to scratch your pocket too much. Are you going to give the shirts to your customers?

Well, your solution is to choose a model of economic shirts and send us your vectorized file. Your cheap personalized t-shirts will be made in print or cut vinyl according to the colors your design has.

Do you find it still too expensive? Select the cheapest white shirt, sure that way we will get the price you need. Anyway our printing experts will guide you through the whole process, from the selection of the T-shirt model to the selected type of printing, the print file and the shipment.

  1. Do your custom shirts have a special design?

Your design requires a special type of printing for the position it is in, it is too big for the printing measures, it has many colors, it covers the sleeves …

If any of these points is a problem, Garment Printing offers you the solution: Full Print Sublimation . This type of printing is not cheap, but you can reduce the costs the more units you make. We recommend making at least 5 to 10 units to save.

Textile sublimation has a trick. You can print on sublimated shirts (already made) in a positional way or select our full print printing and confection service .

Another way you can save on your order of sublimated shirts is to only print on the front. Call us and find out about all the options.

  1. Custom Uniforms to unify your template.

Regardless of the type of company you have, it never hurts to spend a few euros on the visual aspect of your template; But … Not everyone can afford 200g polo shirts in 4 colors!