t shirts for couples

What does it consist of?

The millennial drawer in which he keeps his best shirts is lucky because we have the one that will reign in his galaxy of incredible clothes with which to feel at ease. We have rescued the shirt of Han Solo and Princess Leia so that, whether man or woman, enjoy on your own planet with your favorite movies t shirts for couples.

Who is it for?

Ideal for fans of the most famous saga in the galaxy, Starwars! Cinéfilos, geeks, couples from another galaxy, romantics…

Why will you like it?

Because they are very comfortable, made of quality cotton and resistant. With them he will demonstrate that not only strength accompanies him t shirts for best friends, good taste and originality as well. With them they will be able to create the most rebellious alliance that of walking together at all hours, despite the fact that with that awaken certain envies that take more than one to the dark side. Inevitable!

It’s good that you know that…

  • The drawing is made with screen printing, so that it transpires the shirt and the colors last forever. No vinyl or plasticized that only last a couple of washes.
  • The shirts are of an excellent quality. The women’s shirt is made with organic cotton and bamboo and the man’s cotton combed 100%.
  • And we have them in many sizes: S, M, L and XL. To give you an idea, in women the S has a contour of 41cm in the chest and measures 60cm in length, the M 44cm in outline and 66cm in length and the L 47cm and 64cm in length.