t shirt designing
  1. – Fashion designers believe in fashion

Surely you thought we were going to talk about cultivating your personality and style. However, there is a previous step to focus on your own figure as a designer. Fashion is a profession that deserves respect. Therefore, to succeed as fashion designers involves treating the collections themselves seriously. It is not about producing and consuming fashion in the same way that hamburgers are eaten. The sustainability, rationality and respect are keys mentioned click here.

  1. – Quality as a letter of introduction

We will not deny that creativity is one of the touchstones of fashion design. However, pure creation does not exist. The concepts should be embodied in garments, fabrics or specific complements. To succeed as fashion designers the quality of the final product must be outstanding . There are denominations, such as the well-known Made in Italy , that are not granted to designs that do not show the highest levels of quality.

  1. – The roots

A good design is just the expression of an idea and all ideas are born from somewhere. When we talk about connecting with the roots to succeed as fashion designers we refer to the root of that idea. To innovate in any field, you have to know it. Fashion design can also be applied to the maxim that “those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it”. To reinvent a design or a concept you have to imbue it.

  1. – To resort to storytelling

This advice will not work if you have not implemented the previous one. Every collection is born of an idea, yes. And to sell that idea you have to know how to tell the story behind it. Why have some textures been chosen and not others? Why do certain colors predominate? It is necessary to have an answer for those questions and it is equally necessary to know how to tell the story in which they are integrated.

  1. – Submit your designs to as many tests as you can

Surely you have an exquisite taste, an innate talent and an enviable intuition. But triumphing as fashion designers means that your collections must be put to the test. Maybe your environment is not made up of experts, but in any case, you need feedback. Although only indicative. The more disparate opinions you get, the more data you will have to make an objective critical judgment about your work.

It is not easy to succeed as fashion designers. Trying to do it without help is almost a professional suicide. That is why we have two masters dedicated to this field: Footwear Design and Fashion and Management and creation of fashion brands. In both we extend these tips and add many others that will help you achieve your dreams. Take a step forward on the road to fame as a designer.